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We buy American paintings  including artists  of  the West 

California ~ Oregon ~ Washington ~ Hawaii & Alaska

below is only a partial list of artists works we are seeking, email us a photo, description & asking price.

Darrell Austin
Eliza Barchus
Arthur William Best
Harry Cassie Best
Lucy Scott Bower
Maurice Braun
Grafton Tyler Brown
Louis Bunce
Kenneth Callahan
Rockwell Carey
Eanger Irving Couse
Frank Cuprien
Martina Gangle Curl 
Jules Dahlager
G. Day
Juan DePrey
J.J. Englehart
Anthony Euwer
John Fery
Grace Fountain
Constance Fowler
E.D.M. Fowle
Cyrus James Fulton
Kyuzo Furuya
Bernard Geiser
Olaf Grafstrom
Morris Graves
Nels Hagerup
Carl Hall
Charles Heaney
Edward Hill
Edward Rufus Hill
Anna A Hills
H.Elmer House
Clyde Leon Keller
Maude Kerns
Joe Knowles
Hank Kowert
LaVerne Krause
Theodore Lambert
Sydney Laurence
Paul Lauritz  
Thayne J Logan 
Percy Manser
C.C. McKim
Charlotte Mish
Carl Morris
W. S. Parrott
Albert Patecky
Ambrose Patterson
Elizabeth Parrott-Pond
Charles W. Post
C.S. Price
E.B. Quigley
Cleveland Rockwell
W.E. Rollins
Albert Runquist
Arthur Runquist
Lionel Salmon
Frederick F. Schafer
Harry Schaefer
Alfred Schroff
Olaf Seltzer
H.S. Sewall
Joseph Henry Sharp
Peter W. Sheffers
L.H. Sindberg
Amanda Snyder
Clara Jane Stevens
Ray Strong
J.E. Stuart
Jefferson Tester
Mark Tobey
Andrew Vincent
Juan Wandesforde
Harry Wentz
Myra Albert Wiggins
Milton Wilson
Melville T. Wire
C.E.S. Wood
Robert Wood
Eustace Zeigler


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